The Quantum Quest


“A universal truth is that, in one form or another, we both teach and learn. From the time we take our first breath at birth to the last moments before death we exist in a plane of never ending input and output of information. As human beings, how we organize that information is the process of learning; how we share that information is the process of teaching” (Janzen, 2010).

For each of us there are passions in our lives. Some of those passions remain as an ember that we hold within us but never find the time or the means to let them burn brightly. For others, the passions surface and burn brightly as we actively seek to find the answers to those questions. It is in the seeking that we find our quest whether it be in our careers or personal lives or both. This quest can guide our lives and create meaning for us. The paths we travel upon can lead us to new heights and places that we could have only imagined.

This website is aptly named “The Quantum Quest” as it suggests knowledge and opportunities that exist far beyond us and what the naked eye and logic can visualize or call upon. The word “quantum,” once thought of as the smallest building blocks in the cosmos, suggests that there are worlds beyond our immediate vision: both large and small. These worlds have always existed and through physics and other disciplines more is being discovered every day. The word, “quest” suggests that there lies within each of us the possibility of infinite discovery as we seek our passions with purpose and diligence.

While I have several research interests, my quantum quest is to better understand how we learn by applying select concepts of quantum physics to this emerging learning perspective. Papers which I and my research partners have written and published have garnered the attention of prominent scholars and educationalists. The work on refining this learning perspective continues.

The five guiding principles of the Quantum Perspective of Learning are:
(1) Learning is multidimensional
(2) Learning occurs in various planes simultaneously
(3) Learning consists of potentialities which exist infinitely
(4) Learning is holistic/holographic and is patterned within holographic realities
(5) Learning environments are living systems

To read more about The Quantum Perspective of Learning, the foundational paper can be found in the Open Access journal “Creative Education.” Volume 3, Issue 6, pages 712-720.